Fees & Pricing

Funding Fees

At Meogo we try to offer a secure platform with great commission rates. For a limited time, we’ll be lowering our rates even further.

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If you set up a Flexible Funding campaign and do not reach your funding goal, we charge an 8.5% fee. We want to encourage campaigns to set reasonable and achievable goals.

Stripe, Credit Card, and Processing Fees: 2.9% for credit card or Stripe processing (this will vary depending on your financial institution).

International Wires: $25 fee: Charged once if you run a non-US campaign and have raised funds in USD via direct credit card. We charge the fee when funds are wired in one lump sum to your non-US bank account after the campaign has ended.

Currency Exchange Fee: Additional currency exchange fees may also apply.

Types of Fees

If you successfully raise funding on MEOGO Crowdfunding, you may encounter the following types of fees:

  • MEOGO funding fee: MEOGO Crowdfunding does not charge a platform fee. We only charge a percentage of fixed or flexible funding.
    Third party fees: These fees are for the payment processors (Stripe, PayPal, or credit card processors)
  • International wire fee: If we have to wire funds internationally. This fee applies to the campaign owners only. There may also be currency exchange fees required.
  • Backers may be charged additional international processing fees: If your credit card is based inside the US, and you contribute to a campaign outside the US, you may be subject to an additional international processing fee from your credit card issuer even though the currency of the campaign is in US Dollars.
  • Some banks and credit unions can charge international processing fees of around 3%.

Note about Fees

  • All fees are applied to the amount of funds raised.
  • All Stripe fees are approximate. The exact amount depends on your country and the amount of funds raised. If you need more information about Stripe fees, please visit Stripe’s website.
  • International or cross-border transactions may be charged additional fees by PayPal for currency exchange, e.g. Transaction Fees for Cross-Border Payments. For more information about Stripe’s international presence, visit Stripe Global.
  • For a complete breakdown of Stripe’s and PayPal’s payment processing fees based on your account type and region, we recommend reaching out to their support directly.
  • MEOGO Crowdfunding offers two options for funding your campaign: Fixed Funding or Flexible Funding.
    You must select a funding type when you set up your campaign. Once selected and the campaign goes live, it cannot be changed.

Fees after Introductory Period ends

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